Lothlorien is recruiting mature, fun loving people that enjoy World of Warcraft.  

We're a family friendly guild with our own Ventrilo server that, while dedicated, is not HARD CORE.

You can catch us online most any time of the day, with most of us in the evenings.

Join us as we are build toward 10 and 25 man raids.


Many of us have been guild mates for 10 years now, so come join with good friends as we chat n play together.

We accept Alts, Mains, Couples, Seniors, Singles, No Drama. Wisperwind Alliance.

Click the Membership wigget in the upper left to Apply or ingame contact One of the following:

Druburymore MyLadyBlue Itybityblue Lonmorman Jediah Utenasia

any of these or more can add you to Lothlorien


We use Ventrilo for voice chat (and encourage you to also), the Ip addy is nitrogen.typefrag.com Port Number- 20355 once down loaded and ready (with "play key clicks unchecked) just ask in guild chat for the password.  This is hosted for the typing impaired (like me) who hate reading that scrolling chat!


You can check us out on facebook too   Lothlorien Group